Need a CV?

Talk to Ava.

Hello, my name is Ava. I'm a bot, built to help jobseekers easily create their perfect CV.

I'm programmed with data from hundreds of hours of expert recruiter interviews. Through a simple conversation with you, I'll draw out the skills that hiring managers look (and screen) for. I'll then format your professional experience into a beautiful, easy to read CV designed to win you interviews.



Whether this is your first job or your tenth, finding a job can feel daunting. I'll help you quickly and easily write a CV that looks beautiful, whilst reflecting who you really are. 


No need to log in or create an account: your new CV can be used to apply for jobs in as little as five minutes.


No more worrying about content: just answer Ava's intuitive questions to easily create the perfect CV from scratch.


No formatting or worrying about fonts: Ava will format your CV into your choice of beautiful, handcrafted templates.


Present your experience in the format that hiring managers actually want. No gimmicks, just proven, recruiter-approved designs that deliver results.


A genuine one-time purchase of £10 and your CV is ready to download. No need to pay extra to edit it: once it’s made, it’s yours forever. 


We don’t capture, sell or store your data. You don't need to log in or create an account to speak to Ava. Like speaking with a trusted friend, your conversation with Ava will always remain private.



Why was Ava created?

Ava was built by a team of recruiters and hiring managers. Time and time again we saw good candidates being let down by bad CVs.

Our goal is to help people get jobs: we know what works in a CV (and what doesn't) and we wanted to share that knowledge with everybody: not just people who have access to a good recruiter, or those who are taught how to write a good CV at school or college.

How much does it cost to create a CV with Ava?

It costs just £10 to create a CV with Ava. This is payable when you download your CV, and it's a one-off fee: that's it.

There is no ongoing subscription cost, or any sort of hidden charges.

What format will my CV be delivered in? Why Word and PDF?

Ava delivers your new CV in PDF and an editable Word file.

One of the problems we identified with traditional CV generators is that they are PDF only, meaning that you have to pay again every time you want to edit or update your CV. This is because a good CV is a live portrait of your working life: it should be updated every time you move house, change job, add a new skill or apply for a new role in a new area. You only need to talk to Ava once and your CV is yours for life.

When will Ava go live? Why don't you have a mailing list?

Ava will go live in beta in early 2020. For updates, please drop us an email.

We don't have a mailing list because we the team behind Ava have made the decision not to capture or retain any user data whatsoever: you don't need to create an account and once you have downloaded your CV we don't keep a record. This means that you can be sure that we'll never, ever sell your personal information - because we don't store it.

I've seen other CV builders online. What makes Ava different? 

In a nutshell - a lot! Rather than a page full of text boxes that you need to fill out, Ava takes the stress out of populating your CV. All you need to do is answer Ava's intuitive questions and she will use her recruitment knowledge and expertise to draw out the information that matters, and present it for you in the best possible format. Ava was built by recruiters who know what employers look for, so rather than just focusing on what your CV looks like, Ava will deliver you a great looking CV designed to impress HR, and get you past automated application screening software. Finally, with Ava there is no monthly subscription and no ongoing cost, just a flat fee of £10 and your CV is yours to keep for life.

How can I find out more about Ava?

If you are curious to find out more, just drop our friendly team a line. We'd be happy to share our progress with you. 


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